Cookie Jar Mama created a jar of beautiful celestial cookies and placed it way up high for her Children.  They sparkled with sugar crystals from the stars and were shaped like moons, hearts and flowers.  She hoped one day her Children would prove worthy to enjoy and be nourished by the Cookies which were their […]

What it Means to be a Minister

What it Means to be a Minister The significance of ministering to others. The journey to enlightenment (or even the work it takes to kindle a spiritual fire) can be a daunting path. It takes time, effort, persistence, and of course integrity. It is not something you can passively play at and expect to receive […]

DIY Smudge Sticks Video Tutorial

DIY Smudge Sticks Video Tutorial Sometimes simplicity creates the most elegant results. Making your own smudge sticks will open the world of herb and plants up to you. Herbs are diverse in the aroma just as they are diverse in their uses. You can make several smudge sticks quickly and easily with the variety of plants and […]

Mud IS Magickal

                This weekend behind F.I.R.E’s booth at the Spoutwood Faerie Festival, we shivered as we bailed off the roof of our tent and watched faerie festival attendees drag themselves through the mud.  We viewed a mix of exhausted (mostly adult) faces who struggled against the mud for some means of control and cleanliness as opposed […]

Transforming the Divine Seed

Transforming the Divine Seed Deciphering a modern spiritual dilemma toward living your Divine purpose. When we are called by the Divine we are given a gift. This gift is a seed and we are charged with its survival. As we know, seeds need certain things and in the right combination to grow. When you feel […]

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