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Cookie Jar

Mama created a jar of beautiful celestial cookies and placed it way up high for her Children.  They sparkled with sugar crystals from the stars and were shaped like moons, hearts and flowers.  She hoped one day her Children would prove worthy to enjoy and be nourished by the Cookies which were their birthright.

The children were sad because no matter how much each individually tried on their own, they could not reach the jar.  One child was angry because she wanted the cookies all for herself and did not want to share.  “Get out of my way!  I am taller and deserve them more than you do!” she screamed.  But no matter how hard Angry Child tried, she still was not tall enough to reach the Cookies.

Another child walked over towards the jar and laughed. “Get out of my way before you all hurt yourselves. I am smarter than you all and have created an invention to reach the Cookies!”  But despite the ingenious invention of Arrogant Child, he still could to reach the Cookies.

A third child pushed her way through the crowd and declared “Look at me! Look at me! I am your savior! I am the solution if you only follow and obey me. I promise to give you the cookies because I am the only one worthy!” Egotistical Child demanded the Cookie Jar fall into her hands as she willed it, but despite her demands, they all went hungry.

Finally, a quiet child carrying a step stool made her way through the crowd and announced. “We need Angry Child’s height, Arrogant Child’s mind, Egotistical Child’s charisma and I will help with my common sense.” Then Humble Child pleaded with the crowd of siblings “But most of all we need YOU!  Can you help give us energy and steady us as we try to get the Cookies for you?”

Within minutes of cooperating and helping one another the children were no longer hungry.  The All Mother smiled for her Children were finally worthy to feast on the bounty She had prepared for them.


Blessed Be All Who Humbly Seek the Cookie Jar,

Embersprite 6/7/2017