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Gratitude Game - F.I.R.E.

Gratitude Game

The Gratitude Game
“He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not,
but rejoices for those things he has.” ~Epictetus

An essential ingredient missing from the spiritual journey and enlightenment of the modern-day soul is “gratitude.” Regardless of what religion your Spirit is riding to get where you need to go, the trip is less bumpy and enjoyable if you keep the energy of thanksgiving as your traveling companion. Playing the “Gratitude Game” rather than the “Blame Game” can create quick and immense changes in our physical, mental and spiritual realities.

Many in the spiritual community say we make our own reality and it is TRUE. Our perception is everything because only we can control our thoughts and reactions. The easiest way to leave behind misery, self-centeredness and dissatisfaction with life is to be thankful for the blessings in your Life at the present. This is not a trite thought of fancy or a feel-good scheme. I invite you to join me for 30 days in playing the “Gratitude Game!” I challenge you to commit a month to this endeavor and see if it doesn’t change your life for the better.

How do we play the game? For every complaint, you find yourself saying…STOP and replace it with something you are grateful for. This is not a cliché, Polly-Anna exercise…it is a means to understanding a deep spiritual truth: we chose this life and we are constantly being showered with “gifts” and opportunities to learn the lessons we need to GROW. This is not an easy game. It requires we leave our victim mentality behind. WE can choose to be grateful or miserable. WE can choose to be self-focused or to see the “big picture.” WE can choose to keep drowning in chaos or achieve balance.

Many people, especially in America, will growl “But what do I have to be thankful for?!” They will respond with answers such as “I hate my job.” “I’m unhappy.” “I don’t have enough money.” “I’m getting divorced.” “I’m bored.” The grousing list is long and in many cases heart breaking. But for any complaint, there is a means to be thankful. Here are some examples to help you begin to play the game of thanksgiving in your own life:

~Complaints   VERSES   Affirmations of Gratitude~

“I hate my job.” VERSES

“I HAVE a job (unlike many) and make money to meet many of my needs and have learned skills I can use to find a better job if I so wish.”

“My back (head, etc.) hurts.”  VERSES

“I can feel and move…I am grateful for this body that does so much for me despite how much I may abuse it.”

“My family disappoints me.”   VERSES

“I CHOSE this family and they have taught me how to love. They are still alive to drive me crazy and I am thankful to have them to love and teach me.”

“I’m bored.” VERSES

“I am grateful I have the luxury to have time to feel sorry for myself. I am grateful my spirit has a moment to rest and my body isn’t forced to labor and toil as many are being forced to do this very second.”

“I’m old  VERSES

“I am thankful to have reached this stage in my life that many never live to see or experience.”

“My _____ died.”  VERSES

“I am so thankful to have had ____ in my life and for the love we shared that will NEVER die.”

BUT, what if my complaint is extreme and I have a RIGHT to complain you may ask. Then I give you an extreme example:
Complaint- “I am dying alone in a gutter.” VERSES

Final Gratitude- “I have LIVED. I have breathed the fragrance of a rose. I have seen a sunset. I have felt the caress of another human on my skin. I have tasted the sweetness of fruit on my tongue. I have seen lightning in the sky and waves upon the shore. Thank you for my life. I HAVE LIVED.”

The Gratitude Game is not easy but it is a life changer. During this time of harvest and thanksgiving let us give thanks in the truest sense of the season.
~Embersprite (Mabon/Thanksgiving 2017)

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