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Why do we need community? Here is a little parable which explains why…

A lone woman was trying to build a house in the desert. Another woman drove by with a wagon of sticks. “Could you use some of this wood to build your house for I have plenty?” “No,” said the lone woman, “if I use your wood it won’t be MY house.” The wood woman shrugged and drove away.
Soon another woman from a faraway land walked by and saw the lone woman exhausted and struggling. “I know of a land that is better suited for building a house. The seasons there are fruitful and could supply you with all your needs. May I show you?” “No,” answered the lone woman. “I know all I need to know. If you helped me then MY house would not be MY idea.” The woman from far away shrugged sadly and was on her way.
Finally, a third woman with a jug of water walked by and could see that the lone woman was ill and dehydrated. “Sister here, I have water. Please drink or you will surely perish!” “NO!” said the lone woman as she pushed the water violently away from her cracked and bleeding lips, “If I drink your water I will be indebted to you! Then you could demand I give you MY house!” The water bearing woman was confused and shook her head sadly as she walked away.
The lone woman struggled to bundle dried weeds together but she was too weak from dehydration and the dried weeds disintegrated and turned to dust in her fingers. Soon Lone Woman also turned to dust…her bones the only house she left in the desert.
The gods sadly looked upon her bleached bones on the desert floor as they heard Lone Woman’s spirit crying to them in the wind. “WE sent you help thrice and you denied us and your human family. WE sent you supplies, knowledge, sustenance and compassion and you rejected them all for YOUR pride. What have you learned?” the gods asked hopefully.
“But what about MY house…My plans…MYYYY…!” but Lone Woman’s words became one with the wind for she had finally exhausted the mercy of the gods. Her bones along with weeds of the desert were blown together by her arrogant whining in the wind. And to this day the gods are waiting for Lone Woman to admit her pride and accept the help of the gods. If you go to the desert you may even get a glimpse of her furiously blowing across the barren landscape. She still chooses to be alone and is dismissed by many who see her as “Tumble Weed.”

May we each learn or own lessons of pride and the need for community…
~Embersprite (2017)

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