Our Summer Solstice Celebration on June 24th will be held in the evening and starts at 7pm.
Attendees need to bring the following:
~Blanket or chair
~Water bottle/drink of choice/Cup
~Anything you would like to roast and the sticks to do it with (being twilight, we do not want you to choose a stick with “poison ivy blessings” from the area…) Marshmallows and hot dogs are great choices! ***Please note: Any food cooked in sacred flame must be consumed or reverently given back into the FIRE.***
~Drums, instruments, energy to dance!
~We are not asking for everyone to bring foods to share as we need to stick to finger food only (it is challenging cleaning up in the dark.) A couple volunteers are making items to share for libations afterwards. If you would like to be a volunteer contact us~

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