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Moon Lodges - F.I.R.E.

Moon Lodges

Hosted by:

Leandra Witchwood, F.I.R.E. Senior Elder


There is no fee to attend any of our events. We ask only ask that you leave a donation to help us pay for supplies and the atmosphere that make your experience with us more meaningful. Please note that the Moon Lodges are open to Sun and Moon Members ONLY. Please check out our membership options so you too can participate in this event.

What to Bring:

Bring items that make you feel comfortable. Bring pillows, blankets, chairs and other items you think you might need. While we will provide most comforts, we find that having items that are personal to you is best. Please also bring a nourishing tea or another wholesome snack or drink to share. You may also want to bring your journal and a pen, to record your thoughts and experiences during your time with use.

Please also visit our EVENTS page to get a full list of what to expect and bring to the farm.

Why we limit this event?

Within each Moon Lodge we will focus on deep inner spiritual and personal work that requires an intimate atmosphere. We have found that when groups of this nature are too large the intended work is hindered and those who attend do not receive the necessary benefit of the work being performed.

Moon Lodges are intended to attract those who are serious about their personal and spiritual development. To ensure the intimacy of these events we are only opening Moon Lodges to members with theSun and Moon Membership status.

 Become a member and get the most out of what we have to offer!

Choose Your Membership Level


The Purpose & What to Expect:

The F.I.R.E. Moon Lodge is a modern representation and manifestation of the ancient Native American Moon Lodge practices honored by many Native American Tribes. Each Moon Lodge will take place at night near the full or during the waxing/new moon.

Moon Lodges are for Women and girls (16yrs or older) who are Sun or Moon Members. Sorry guys, no men allowed.

The Lodge represents the Womb, as we enter the sacred dreaming space of introspection and healing we re-emerge with greater inner-knowing and feminine wisdom. These events are meant to help us build a sisterhood that each of us can rely on for strength, comfort, and perspective.

Women who come and participate are welcomed into a safe and respectful environment. We come here for healing, forgiveness, resolution, and clarity for our lives and for our path. To do this for ourselves and our sisters we must respect each sister and each sister’s point of view within the circle.

Each of us comes from different circumstances, backgrounds, socio-economic perspectives, religions, and more.

Together we will often share sensitive details of our lives with our circle sisters. This information and knowledge are never to be gossiped about, repeated to others outside the events, or disrespected in any way. This gathering is a counsel of trust and respect. This is a place for inner work and transformation. It is a place to honor our sacred sisterhood.

Lodges are usually offered in a 3-hour time frame (from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm) and are open to all interested women and girls. Participants may respectfully come and go as they please once the short ceremony is complete.

The work within the Lodge is focused on health, cleansing and creating through prayer and meditation allowing each woman to return to the world with purity and clarity. We will share our thoughts, lives, and circumstances with one another so that we can all heal and become the best possible versions of ourselves.

A Moon Lodge is a place nestled in ancient feminine wisdom. It is a place for the empowerment and care of our sacred feminine self. It is where we gather to share our stories, develop sisterhoods, and learn more about ourselves through connecting with others.

Within each Moon Lodge, we will honor ourselves as we honor and revere our own physical, emotional and spiritual cycles. Within the boundaries of the Moon Lodge, we learn to love our bodies and our cycles as we rekindle our unique spark for life.

There are many activities offered during a Moon Lodge, here are a few examples:

  • Simple and short ceremonies at the start of each Moon Lodge, (arrive a few minutes prior to the opening if you wish to participate).
  • Meditation & Silent Prayer
  • Personal and Spiritual growth activities
  • Songs, poetry, and art
  • Reiki healings, single Chakra cleansings, and Reiki attunements may be offered.

Ceremony Time Line & Focus:

We will hold a short ceremony each time we meet, those who wish to participate please arrive a few minutes early allowing us to begin on time. Those who do not wish to participate please enter the Moon Lodge once the counsel circle has adjourned.

Here is the typical timeline for our ceremony

Arrive & find your seat

Moon Counsel: Set up in the traditional Native American Counsel style, we will take a few minutes to open ourselves up to the energy of the Moon Lodge as we tap into our own sacred presence and the sacred presence of our sisters.

A group exercise: At this time, we will participate in a short exercise that is related to the focus of the current moon.

Close up Circle: Once the activity is complete we will adjourn, opening the Lodge for free expression and activity.

Open Circle/Lodge: It during the remainder of our time together we encourage you to take part in some self-care. Some enjoy a cup of tea and a little solitude. Others find that conversation with sisters is what they need, some color or draw, while some sit outside the tent under the moon. This block of “free time” allows you to nourish your soul and self as you feel necessary.

There is no fee to attend any of our events. We ask only ask that you leave a donation to help us pay for supplies and the atmosphere that make your experience with us more meaningful.

Space is limited, please RSVP and reserve your spot below.

Parking is on Frodo’s Hill, special accommodations will be made for those with special assistance needs.

Please be mindful of our F.I.R.E. Circle Etiquette and our Events Page to get an idea of what to expect, bring and how we maintain a family-friendly environment for our members and guests.

Check out our scheduled events and Moon Lodges

No Events

F.I.R.E. Event Cancellation Policy

The Fellowship of Interconnected Religious Equality (F.I.R.E.) reserves the right to cancel an event due to low participation or other circumstances which would make the event non-viable or unsafe to attend.

Weather causes us the most concern as many of our events are held outdoors within Nature. We will cancel an event for safety reasons including but not limited to the following circumstances:

  • Unsafe parking or pathway conditions
  • Heavy rain and/or winds
  • If there is a risk of lightning, flooding, etc.
  • Other unforeseen circumstances

Please remember that FIRE holds most if its events outside at Spoutwood Farm which is a semi-wild location. Mother Nature will determine our ability to hold outdoor events at this location. The walkways and parking areas at Spoutwood are unpaved and the safety of these areas is subject to recent and current weather conditions. If there has been significant rainfall or high winds, unsafe conditions will occur and we will have no choice but to cancel an event.

Please look at our Facebook page, Website, and email for notices regarding event postponements and cancellations.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.