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Our Clergy - F.I.R.E.

Our Clergy

Meet our Clergy

Leandra Witchwood – Senior Elder and F.I.R.E. Co-Founder

Leandra Witchwood

Senior Elder and F.I.R.E. Co-Founder

“Freedom of religion means ANY religion; this is the foundation of my work.”

Leandra serves the earth-based spiritual and religious community as co-founder and Senior Elder of F.I.R.E as an Interfaith Minister and as a Senior Elder.

Leandra is also the founder of the food and lifestyle blog The Magick Kitchen which focuses on Kitchen Witchcraft and many interests and issues of the Pagan community. She authored a book called Magick in the Kitchen, A real-world spiritual guide for manifesting the Kitchen Witch within. Leandra has earned her Mikao Usui Reiki III Mastery, is a certified Spiritual Life Coach, a certified NPL Master Practitioner,  as well as a Munay Ki Shamanic Initiate.
Leandra takes her service to the community further as she helps lead the teen cooking program, CHEFS (Culinary Health Educators From Spoutwood), a farm to table educational program that teaches youths to cook using whole healthy foods. Leandra serves individuals in reading Animal Cards as a form divination and as part of her Spiritual Life Coaching program.
Additionally, she serves on the Board of Directors of the York Pagan Pride Project helping the Pagan community further develop meaningful social and spiritual connections. Her coven The Indigo Hearth allows her students to explore deeper Esoteric knowledge for intimate personal and spiritual development.
Leandra believes in religious equality for all. Her work and dedication to the community demonstrate her vision of equality and the value she places on the Earth-Centered religious community. She believes in fighting for our civil rights and our freedom to worship as we are called, in safety and with independence.


Embersprite SpiralSojourner

Senior Elder and F.I.R.E. Co-Founder

“We are all on a journey; a shamanic quest of Spirit. Each of us is both teacher and student…together creating a bridge to wisdom.”

Embersprite is High Priestess of the Spiral Sojourn coven in York, PA. She began studying and practicing the Old Religion 27 years ago, and is grateful to still be learning something new each day!  Originally, she began her journey being trained and ordained in the Alexandrian and Dianic traditions in Maryland.  As she evolved, Embersprite embraced an eclectic practice of the Craft and incorporated shamanic and other pagan traditions into her Path.  In addition to teaching and leading her own coven, she is involved assisting various pagan organizations in the community and dreams of building bridges between people of various faiths who share their love for earth spirituality.  In the secular realm, she earned Bachelor Degrees in both English and Fine Arts.  Embersprite considers being happily married, a mother, and grandmother amongst her greatest blessings.

  A “Shamanic Artist” who offers various workshops and classes in the community, she seeks to encourage the “inner artist as shaman” in everyone.  Embersprite believes in the sacred nature of Art and its power to channel Spirit and heal.  Art has been a passion in her life and she enjoys helping others explore their inner realms through the artistic process.

  Embersprite is a healer and incorporates various methods and traditions of healing in addition to her skills as a Level III Gendai Reiki practitioner. Healing includes body and spirit, and as such her healing ministry extends itself to mediumship and assisting those who have passed into the Spirit world.  She seeks to create an environment where man-made labels are discarded and everyone on the Web of Spirit can respect and help one another as we travel towards a central goal.