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Starting to Live Green - F.I.R.E.

Starting to Live Green

Starting to Live Green

The prospect can be overwhelming.  “How do I begin to ‘live green’?”  “I am stressed enough, now I have to do THIS to be spiritual too?!”  “Everyone else involved in earth spirituality already knows how to ‘be green’, I feel stupid asking or not knowing…”  Stop and hug yourself-we can do this!

The problem begins with the way we have been raised and fed lies by the corporate powers that be to cherish our title of “consumer.”  We need to rewire our way of thinking.  It isn’t hard; it simply requires a little patience and commitment to change.  Here is the magical key to living green: create and heal more, consume and destroy less.  Sounds simple but still over whelmed?  Then let’s start with some basics.  You cannot change humankind’s atrocities to our Mother Earth overnight but you can change your personal reality and life which will bring you into balance with Gaia.  You will see the inclusion of “life bonus” to prove that living green also saves money and stress on a personal level in the long run.


  1. Plastic is bad. Reuse it, recycle it, avoid it.  Here are the big ones to start with:
  • Get cloth grocery bags-use and reuse them. Keep them in your car if you tend to forget them.  If you do forget, recycle the plastic bags later at the grocery store (the recycle container is usually by the entrance.)  *Life Bonus-Plastic bags rip and hold less, fabric is your friend. *
  • Don’t buy any hygiene product with “micro-beads” to exfoliate. The plastic microbeads cannot be filtered by water systems and return to bodies of water to be breathed in by fish, nautical life and drank by creatures (including us).  *Life Bonus-we all live longer.”
  • Buy reusable containers to pack lunches and store foods. Use BPA free, reusable water bottles and travel mugs.  The initial investment is nothing compared to the benefits.  *Life Bonus-You save money and run to the store less.*
  • Avoid disposable diapers if possible.  Terrible for munchkins…terrible for Gaia.  Can’t totally escape them?  Try to at least alternate.  *Life Bonus-Healthier for baby and saves money.*
  • Find alternatives to plastic cutlery.  Use disposable items made from food products (which can still be a bit pricey) or better yet, use picnic sets and the real deal.  *Life Bonus-Disposable cutlery breaks and is annoying.*
  • Buy a reusable cup for your Keurig (made of metal or recycled plastic.) Do not buy individual cups!  *Life Bonus-Saves A LOT of money and coffee grounds are great for acid loving plants like roses.  Dried used coffee grounds are also a natural way to deter mosquitos-light a small pile in heat resistant dish like incense.*
  1. Turns off the lights and unplug appliances when not using. *Life Bonus-Saves money.”
  2. Take shorter showers, less baths, and turn faucet off while brushing teeth. Use rain and gray water to water plants.  *Life Bonus-Saves money.*
  3. Grow stuff. Trees, flowers and stuff to eat.  Don’t have a green thumb or live in the city?  Leaf lettuce and tomatoes are incredibly easy to grow!  One or two containers on your porch and you have salad!  (Lettuce and kale are easily grown in containers and look pretty mixed with annuals too!) Plants in your house clean the air and make you feel better mentally and physically.  *Life bonus-Kids who hate vegetables normally will eat them if they have grown them.  For $2 of lettuce seeds you get at least $50 of lettuce plus the satisfaction of pretty plants.  Grass is boring and expensive…flowers and veggies/fruit nourish the soul and body.*
  4. Car pool and plan your trips the smart way. Rather than running around all week like a squirrel or back and forth; try to combine errands in a logical fashion (ie. not going to grocery store 3 times a week.) *Life bonus-saves time and money.*
  5. RECYCLE, fix rather than replace items, upcycle and reuse stuff. I.R.E will be offering some really fun workshops in near future doing just that!


Are there lots of other things we can do? YES! But this is a small list to get you started.  We will be posting more ideas in the months to come but let’s not overwhelm ourselves immediately.  Let’s master this list before moving on to more ideas!


The Earth is our Mother…WE must take care of Her as She cares for us.

Bright Blessings!


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