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We Believe - F.I.R.E.

We Believe

At F.I.R.E. we believe…

We are Nature

Earth-based spirituality and religious practices are the first religion. Since the beginning of time earth based religious and spiritual practices have been an interwoven component of humanity. Our connection with Nature is infinite. Nature is part of the fabric of our being. We are not set apart from nature, instead, we are nature.


No Single Governing Doctrine

It is the belief of this Church that no one doctrine (such as the Koran or Bible) dictates the beliefs of the individual or the church. Instead, it is the individual and those of clergy status who are charged to recognize Divinity and religious worship as he or she is called. Nature offers the followers of this path all the necessary and adequate governing laws as dictated by the cycles of nature, solar cycles, lunar cycles, and ethical social behaviors.


Shared Leadership

At F.I.R.E. we believe in shared leadership where Clergy, Elders, Shamans, and experts from the community come to share religious and spiritual knowledge related to Nature and spiritual path that honor and revere nature as an integral part of its practices. We believe that by celebrating and opening our services to leaders, Elders, and Clergy from the greater community we diversify our perspectives related to Nature, religious and spiritual practices, and build tolerance & curiosity for those around us.


Divinity is Diverse

The presence and appearance of Divinity, God, Goddess and the like come in many forms, and especially manifests itself in nature; the universe and all natural things. Divinity will manifest itself to the individual in the form that is best perceived by the individual. Therefore, the Gods will manifest in various forms.


An Infinite Connection

Humanity and nature are infinitely connected. Nature is not separate from man. Woman and man are nature just as the trees, rivers, and stones of the Earth are nature. Nature and all natural things are sacred to all who follow earth-based spiritual and religious paths.


A Reverence for Nature

We believe in the reverence of Nature as we see Divinity in all; including our kin. Nature is our creator and we are made of the essence of the Universe. Man and Nature are not seen as separate entities, rather they are one in the same.


We Respect and Honor ALL Earth-Based Faiths

The Church will act as a conduit for and as a representation of earth-based faiths and will recognize and honor each individual perspective of earth-based spiritual and religious practices.



Stewardship to one another, the Earth and all who depend on the Earth is essential to the practice of earth-based spiritual and religious practices. We will do what is within our power and capacity to help the earth heal, and thrive as we work to preserve its resources.  We view the Earth as our one and only home and our mother from whom all things are born. We will treat this Mother Goddess, also known as Mother Earth, with respect and gratitude. Many of our observances and celebrations are in relation to planting and harvest festivals, making the earth, the soil and the foods and plants we grow scared elements of our practices. We also revere the animals who are our companions and those who sustain us as they depend on the earth for nourishment and survival.


Nature Worship

We regularly congregate, observe and celebrate our faiths in accordance to the solar and seasonal cycles, moon cycles, and other nature cycles; including planting and harvest festivals. All worship and religious and spiritual practices are conducted within natural surrounding whenever conditions allow. When specific conditions (relate to weather, space, location and other factors) prevent the congregation from practicing within nature, an indoor alternative is acceptable.


Personal Development

We believe that personal development, growth, and introspection are essential to developing as a spiritual seeker. In connecting with nature we discover our authenticity and spiritual path. As we spend time in meditation and reflection within nature we learn more about the rhythms of natural cycles inside and outside of ourselves. During this time of personal development and improvement, we better connect with the spiritual energies surrounding us and guiding our lives.